Water - Giovanni Casetti
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[Triplice – 2018]

Here it’s easy to understand that it’s water. There are three areas, like a gem of semi-precious stones, with warm and gaudy colours on the lower left, while on the upper right there are colours more cold. The diagonal composition makes us lose ourselves for a moment, and we do not recognize what we are looking at. Like three kingdoms in peace for centuries, there is no clear division between them, but one seems to continue the story initiated by the other, in peace and collaboration. It’s nature, it has never reinvented the wheel twice, and if you know where to look, you can see in its works the same things you have in your heart or brain. All three areas are made up of water. Actually, for the more experienced, I have to say that I did the development of the raw file in three separated zones, otherwise I would have valued only one of the three areas, penalizing the others. Now that you have been waiting a bit (and I hope a little intrigued) I can tell you that it is simply a waterfall, seen from above. I was lucky enough to access a structure placed on the water, and from there I took the shot. So the beer-colored part in the lower left, is the sandy bottom of the stream, while the middle part that divides the image is the water jump, and the foamy part in the upper right corner is obviously the water below.