Water - Giovanni Casetti
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[Black stone, gold and water – 2018]

A magnetic flux from the left alters the contours of reality, transforming the bottom of a stream into a work of art: black stone, gold and water. The “s” visible on the left margin is the source of the emanation, in fact the more we move away from that area, and the more reality returns to what we are accustomed to. At the bottom on the right, the pebbles are like the reference point, the area where things return to look like we know: pebbles of various colors, water and sun rays. But it is at the top on the left that the flow of water transports us to a dimension where the normal points of reference are missing: the eye sees but does not recognize, the mind enjoys diving into this altered world, of molten gold, black stone and water, that is the only things we can recognize. Everything else is beyond our points of reference.

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